Remote Imaging from the Sierra Nevada Mountains

What is "Sierra Remote"?

A group of observatories dedicated to state-of-the-art robotic / remote imaging and data acquisition.

We provide the infrastructure and automated structures for your telescopes. We can host small refractors up to meter-class and larger instruments. After your equipment is set up at our site, we take care of the operational and maintenance details and you can set back and collect data from a superb night sky.

Where is "Sierra Remote"?

At the center of California's Sierra Nevada Mountains. Sierra Remote is located about 50 miles South of Yosemite National Park and about 50 miles North of Kings Canyon National Park.

Why "Sierra Remote"?

The Sierra Nevada Mountains of central California offer a superb location for remote imaging. The atmospheric conditions allow the seeing to hover around an incredible 1 arc-second for the majority of the time. The site offers a low incidence of thunderstorm activity and an unusually high number of photometric nights each year. At 4,610 feet, the site is above the fog and thermal inversion layer that hangs over most parts of California. The site is not too high as to interfere with access in the Winter. "Sierra Remote" is located on top of Bald Mountain and is about an hour's drive from Fresno Yosemite International airport.

We have unprecedented broad band fiber optic internet for extremely fast access and downloads.

Astronomy, March 2010, p 69
NGC 6781 by: Keith Quattrocchi
16" RCOS & STL-6303
Astronomy, February 2010, p 77
NGC 4535 by: Keith Quattrocchi
16" RCOS & STL-6303
APOD November 13, 2008
Undesignated Bubble: By Mel Helm & Keith Quattrocchi
16" RCOS & STL-6303 21 Hrs NB.
APOD November 1, 2008
Veil-East: By Paul Mortfield and Stefano Cancelli 16"
RCOS f/8.9 & Apogee U16M LRGB 8 Hrs.

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